Waterproof Hat

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The SealSkinz Thermal Waterproof Cap with drop-down ear flaps and micro-fleece lining is the ultimate cap for cold weather adventures. Totally waterproof, breathable and windproof with micro-fleece lining for warmth and moisture control, this cap will keep you comfortable no matter what the environmental conditions. Cap has a stiff peak, drop-down ear flaps & size adjuster for total comfort. SealSkinz Cap is developed to give 100% waterproof protection whilst being incredibly breathable. Breathable means allowing moisture to escape. This ensures your skin stays dry, allowing next-to-skin dry comfort" allowing you to stay out longer. 

Developed to be the perfect barrier between you and the wind. Cap is extremely flexible. Stiff, board like accessories reduce comfort and more importantly performance. The cap is equipped with a barrel lock size adjuster that will keep the cap on your head when the wind is howling. Cap has an outer shell of 100% polyester with a middle layer of micro-porous membrane and a 100% polyester inner lining. Cap is available in multiple sizes.