Ultimate Portable Charger -CF6

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The Ultimate Portable Charger is easy to carry at only 0.33lbs making it suitable for any adventure where you need a power supply. It is flexible allowing it to easily be  packed away when not in use.



  • 21Flexible Solar Module of CIGS Technology (6W)
  • Solar Panel Output (Vmpp/Impp): 6.5V/0.93A
  • Typical power output of USB Charging:5.2V/1.15A
  • 2.5 Hours to charge iPhone6 to full
  • 345x200X1.5mm (Flat)
  • HighperformanceencapsulationofSuperBarrierfilm
  • TPE polymer package to offer best barrier performance
  • Unbreakable toughness quality promised (>6500Mpa)