Mark Fowler Expeditionary Pack
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Collapsible Survival Bow
MAXI-DEET® Insect Repellent
Quick Clot Trauma Pad
Portable Satelite Phones
BioLite Kettle Pot



The Mark Fowler Expeditionary Safari Pack was designed with Mark Fowler, explorer, filmmaker, and wildlife spokesperson. The son of Jim Fowler, known for years hosting "Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom", Mark has been lucky to travel the world, each time returning home with once-in-a-lifetime stories of danger, intrigue, excitement and remarkable encounters with exotic wildlife—whether it was the elephants that stormed their tent camp in Zimbabwe on a mission to steal their lemonade or spending weeks with a black rhino and the rhino’s unlikely best friend, a warthog. Mark combines his passions for storytelling, adventure, and conservation as a spokesperson, executive producer, and television personality in order to spread positive messaging about how we all can help our planet.

Your average Safari is a far cry from the hiking trails of New England, thus the Mark Fowler Expeditionary Safari Pack includes all of the key components required to survive in the wilds of Africa and elsewhere. 

Read On Safari with Mark Fowler for more information about his work.