Terra Thrive Water Filtration

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The Terra Thrive Water Filtration process is a patent pending technology combining granular media filtration and biocidal ion exchange into a single fresh water filtration/ disinfection device.


  • Dimensions: 24"H x 14.4"W
  • Disinfects water - patent-pending technology to first combine proven technologies of granular media filtration and biocidal ion exchange into a single device
  • Stores clean water - integrated, built-in safe water storage (~ 18 liters / 5 US gal)
  • Simple to use and reliable - no assembly, no moving or detachable parts
  • Sustainable - A single Terra Thrive Water Filtration unit will filter, purify and store clean water for 6-8 people every day for over 10 years (~ 180,000 liters / 48,000 gal), and with minimal maintenance
  • Economic Benefits for Developing Countries - the filter can be used to generate clean drinking and cooking water for sale to others, creating job opportunities and family income.


  • Light weight, transportable (< 18 kg / 40 lb dry)
  • No assembly or tools required
  • Produces safe drinking water on day one
  • Clean water output of 10 - 15 liters (2.5 to 4 US gal) per hour
  • Works from gravity - no power or equipment required
  • Sustainable - no replacement parts or supply chain requirements
  • Minimum of 10 years of use, with simple maintenance program
  • Meets key World Health Organization (WHO) targets


  • Produces safe drinking water on first day of use
  • Built in safe water storage (residual disinfection)
  • No assembly required
  • low range of 1.5 -2 gal/hr (6 – 8 L/hr)
  • Gravity fed - requires no input energy from the user
  • Meets recognized international pathogen removal targets
  • Clean water cost ~ US $0.001 per liter over 10 years