Terra Thrive RM

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A Rack Mounted Power Solution.

The Terra Thrive RM provides power for any mobile operations team or other rack-mounted application, letting you take serious vehicle-ready power with you anywhere.

Stay Online

  • The Terra Thrive RM can power satellite uplinks, remote wifi and 3G hotspots, and more to keep your team connected.

Low Maintenance

  • The Terra Thrive RM can handle daily use for 5-10 years, and there are no battery maintenance requirements or cycle limits.

Terra Thrive RM Technical Specifications
High Capacity, Durable LiFePO4 Battery
+ 2500Wh True Capacity
+ 2000-3000 Cycles
Powerful Outputs
+ 2500W Continuous, 5000W Surge AC Output
+ 8X IP66 USB Ports, 2.1A Each
+ 12V 4A DC Output
Unmatched, 2.5 Hour Charging Speed
+ 1000W total charging power
+ 4X 9A DC Charging Channels, 12.5V-42V Input Range
+ 1X 15A AC Charging Channel, 120V 60Hz Input
Durable and Rack-Mount Ready
+ 142lbs, 24” x 19” x 14”
+ Rack-mountable 6U sliding case
Smart and Connected
+ Simple, Automatic Controls
+ Advanced, Predictive SOC Calculations
+ Wired and wireless remote monitoring