Terra Thrive Air - V1

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Improves Health and Productivity:

  • Reduces Smoke and Odors
  • Reduces Airborne Biologics  (IE: Mold Spores, Bacteria, VOCs and many other Irritants.)
  • Reduces Carbon Monoxide
  • Continuous Protection

Special Features:

  • Non -ozone producing lamp
  • Variable speed
  • Merv 13 Filter: 12” x 24” x 2”
  • 6” Thick catalyst
  • Voltage: 115 60 hertz
  • Amps: 3.0/1.6
  • Airflow: Standard 741cfmQ
  • Quiet 520cfm
  • Size: 15” x 16.25” x 29.25”
  • Shipping Weight: 70 lbs
  • Options: Quiet Motor

Step 1: Merv Filtration...
Reduces even particles you can’t see. New high-efficiency, high capacity, low resistance particle filter reduces most pollen, mold, mildew, ragweed, dust, house dust, bacteria, pet dander and many other submicroscopic poisons, allergens and irritants.

Step 2: UVGI Lamps...
2008 RGS uses ultraviolet light to activate the photocatalyst, which reduces and deactivates air borne bacteria, viruses, mold, spores and fungi.

Step 3: Photocatalysis...
Using Titanium Dioxide energized by UV light the 2008 RGS produces hydroxyl radicals. Hydroxyl radicals are a natural cleansing agent found in the troposphere. Hydroxyl radicals reduce and oxidize biologics in the air stream such as mold, bacteria and viruses, thus rendering them nonviable.
The 2008 RGS safely and effectively neutralizes biologics and reduces concentrations of VOCs.