Terra Thrive 1250

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The original world’s smartest battery. The Gridless 1250 is a portable battery system that provides AC and USB power in a silent, fuel-free, lightweight package. The Gridless 1250 can provide up to 1000 watts of power with a 2000 watt surge capacity. It can be charged off of solar panels, a wall outlet, or a vehicle alternator, making
it a versatile and adaptable power solution.

Use It

Power all your equipment from cell phones and tablets to power tools and lighting.


Move It

Take your power with you wherever you need it, indoors or out in the elements.


Charge It

Charge the Gridless fast from any source – the wall, an idling car or boat, or solar panels.


Track It

The Gridless tracking system tells you where it is and how much power you have at all times.

Technical Specifications

High Capacity, Durable LiFePO4 Battery

+ 1250Wh True Capacity

+ 2000-3000 Cycles

Powerful Outputs

+ 1000W Continuous, 2000W Surge AC Output

+ 8X IP66 USB Ports, 2.1A Each

Unmatched, 1.25 Hour Charging Speed

+ 1000W total charging power

+ 4X 9A Charging Channels

+ 12.5V-42V Input Range

Portable, Rugged Case

+ 50lbs, 21.5” x 21.5” x 6.5”

+ Drop, Shock, and Weather Resistant

Smart and Connected

+ Simple, Automatic Controls

+ Advanced, Predictive SOC Calculations

+ Wired and wireless remote monitoring