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The Portable Urban Farm System (PUFS) is a trailer based with a larger footprint and up to 50% increase in food output. Both systems can be used separately or in tandem to meet changing needs for customers.


The Portable Urban Farm System (PUFS) is the ideal platform for urban areas or growers who need flexibility and don’t want to deal with potential permitting issues associated with containers. The base model is 28’, which allows for a maximum of 12 grow racks (50% more than the FarmCube) and propagation racks or a combination of water storage, racks, generators, refrigeration and more.


The main advantages are the increased capacity within a small space as well as the portability. The units are very simple to site and level while avoiding permits for foundations and other restrictions. In many locations the state has jurisdiction over trailers in commercial parking lots, not the local regulations. By definition the PUFS are easy to move and can even be transported for seasonal use at resort areas.