OR1 Goliath Frog Harness

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The Goliath harness line has become the most popular On Rope 1 harness due to its fit and comfort to wear. The F73 was the first design in the line with a padded waist and 3” wide leg loops for rappelling and climbing comfort. It can be worn for climbing with a Frog Climbing System or any other climbing system, such as a Double Bungee Ropewalker.

  • It is made with the lowest attachment point available, especially for Frog Climbing Systems
  • Cinch buckles at the legs and waist make for quick adjustments with no slippage. No more fighting to tighten back-threaded buckles
  • Constructed of 3" webbing offers more support and maximum comfort while using a "sit-stand" climbing system or Ropewalker climbing system.
  • They have durable gear loops and a padded waist belt on three models>
  • The Goliath harness comes with 3" wide leg loops
  • Butt risers (rear leg loop supports) are now standard on all the Goliaths