Imlay 8.3mm Canyon Fire Rope

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The Imlay Canyon Gear Canyon Fire rope is the first rope designed for Colorado Plateau canyoneering. Since the sheath is what counts, we added material there to make a sheath-heavy rope - 56% sheath versus the norm for static ropes of 50%. It gives both more to hold onto and increased cut-resistance, thus greater durability; at a slightly higher carry weight than 8mm ropes.

The materials are 100% polyester inside and out, so the sheath and core work together, and both are hydrophobic. Tightly woven for long life, it mellows slightly with the first couple of rappels to settle into a state of firm knotability. The Canyon Fire is 100% static resulting in no bounce, reduced sawing across edges, and easier use in canyons. 

Diameter: 8.3mm (at weaving tension)
Minimum Breaking Strength: 4100 lbF
Weight: 3 lb 13.6 oz per 100 feet
Elongation at 390 lbF: 1.2%
Standard cut lengths: 120 feet, 200 feet, 300 feet, 610 foot spools.