Atmospheric Water Generation WFC-10

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  • WFC-10 Unit Water Production: 125 Gallons (473 liters) per day
  • 65 Gallon (246 Liters), Stainless Steel Water Reservoir Tank
  • Size: 44” W x 69” H x 56” L ( 112 cm x 175 cm x 142 cm)
  • 10 Total kw 36.1 volts 230 3 phase


Mounted outside the home. Cold filtered water is fed into the home or building to a
water dispenser. Power system upgrades can be powered by Solar or Wind for energy


Air to water generators condense outside air, collect the water in a UV-protected chamber
and store it in a continuously ozonated holding tank. Water drawn from the tank is then
filtered through a sediment filter, carbon block filter and passed through an ultraviolet
sanitation light.
No additives needed or used.

Water amounts may change due to weather conditions.